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About Us

3 Eyes is a Hong Kong based digital agency providing one stop digital marketing services and interactive solutions.

Who are we ?


An eminent leader of digital marketing and integrated advertising dominates in online, mobile and
social media. Our clients are the influencers, drivers, shapers of the world.

3 Eyes Limited is a digital agency which focuses in digital marketing and integrated advertising across online, mobile and social media platforms. We are professional in integration,
creativity and interactivity by online advertising, campaign mini-site, Facebook application and mobile application.

What we do ?


We believe that when you do things with passion magic happens!


The word is that one careless move and the whole game is lost. In the first stage of marketing, we master the needs of our clients and seize the market opportunity by completing a comprehensive research.


We are strong in formulating profitable and feasible strategy according to client’s needs and requirements which is the panacea in a marketing plan literally.


An idea is no longer inspiring without creativity. Conceiving mind-blowing ideas are significantly our hallmark.


After the preparation stages, we bring the vision to life by executing the marketing plans across online, mobile and social media.


We provide prolonged monitoring service to our client so as to ensure the projects are being carried out successfully.


We ensure the audience receive the messages and achieve the desired response.

What we achieved ?


We have served different clients and tailor-made all-round digital solutions for them.

Executed Ideas
Completed Projects
Served Clients
Dedicated Years
The Magicians


We shape the story and bring critical insights to everyone’s life.

Project Management
Project Management

The PM team monitors the entire process. We communicate with both internal and external parties in pursuit of precision and completion and strive our best to ensure the projects to be completed smoothly.

Interactive & Multimedia Design
Interactive & Multimedia Design

Never neglect the importance of creativity design in marketing. Visual not only attracts public attention, but also helps convey meaningful and accurate messages to the receivers, in addition strike a chord with the public.

Program Development
Program Development

Nowadays, marketing has grown to encompass any use of modern technology as a tool. Our techincal expertises aquire diverse set of skills that are capable for any projects.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

We create valuable and insightful content that attract and retain customers. Mastering the use of various channels with innovative ideas, it can maximise the power of marketing strategy. It truly allows us to stand out from others.